EZGripper – Generation 2

Robotic Grippers

The EZGripper Dual robotic grippers provide under-actuated parallel gripping for reliably picking up and holding a variety of objects weighing between grams and multiple kilograms. The under-actuated fingers stay straight when picking up small objects like pencils and automatically wrap large objects. Full position and torque control enable picking up objects with very gentle force or a very firm grip.


 “Universal” Robot Mount

This strong yet lightweight aluminum mount is easily bolted to a wide variety of robotic arms. The mount is designed for the EZGripper to be center aligned to the robot wrist for most robots. This allows 360 degree rotation about the wrist with the grasp center aligned to the axis of rotation.


Ceramic Tendon Technology

The SAKE Robotics grippers utilize tendons as the primary link between actuators and link (fingers) motion. While many other grippers utilize tendons, there has been a serious reliability issue due to strength & wear. The patent pending Ceramic Tendon Technology addresses the wear challenge by utilizing a combination of super strong Dyneema braided cables (>300kg each) running through super hard and smooth ceramic eyelets. The combination both these materials provides a high strength, low wear, low resistance and low cost.

EZGripper – Generation 1

Grasping Capabilities

  • 170mm grasp width
  • Automatic wrapping action
  • 5kg capacity – EZGripper Dual
  • 10kg capacity – EZGripper Quad

Lightweight and Durable.

  • 450 grams – EZGripper Dual
  • 870 grams – EZGripper Quad
  • Optional – Snap-Back Fingers
  • Aluminum frame
  • Robotis Dynamixel MX-64 servo

Software and Drivers

  • Python, ROS, Gazebo – all on Github
  • Position control & feedback
  • Torque control & feedback

Supported Robots

  • Universal Robots
  • KUKA Robots
  • Rethink Robotics
  • Fetch Robotics
  • Barrett Robotics
  • Robotis Manipulators
  • ISO 9409-1 compliant mount
  • contact us for other robots
LinkBase - PalmV32 - small size
URDF - EZGripper Quad robotic gripper