Our Vision

To deliver the lowest cost, high dexterity robotic grippers (“hands”) that enable next generation, high value robots

Our World View

Over the next decade the introduction of robots that rely on high dexterity hands and are capable of cost-effectively doing useful tasks in unstructured environments will drive robotic market growth.

How To Pronounce SAKE

We're often asked ``How do you pronounce SAKE?`` Well, we don't care how you pronounce SAKE, we're just glad you're thinking about us.

However, we know two ways to pronounce SAKE, and we like both their meanings.
- ˈsāk ---- robots for the sake of humanity
- saké ---- saké, a great Japanese alcohol best with friends while eating sushi or shabu shabu.

We recommend to discuss robots for the sake of humanity with friends while at dinner eating Shabu Shabu and drinking saké.

SAKE Robotics